Tapioca Beijubom 500 grammes

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Tapioca BEIJUBOM 500 grams

Tapioca has a high starch concentration, does not contain gluten, has a low protein and fat content, has a low glycemic index, so it is an alternative for diabetics, celiacs and hypertensive patients.

Preparation mode:

Sift the fresh dough. In a non-stick skillet already heated over low heat, spread 80-100g of the dough evenly, modeling it as pancakes. Wait about 1 minute, turn the tapioca and leave for another 1 minute. Put on the filling of your choice and close the tapioca, or if you prefer to leave it well stuffed in its entirety and eat as if it were a pizza.

Note: No need for margarine and oil. Do not leave more than 3 minutes on the fire so as not to burn the dough.


Sugar: dark or white chocolate with strawberries and concentrated milk; guava with cheese; condensed milk and grated coconut; coconut and coconut milk; brigadier.

Salty: cheese; ham and oregano; grated chicken with catupiry; grated dry meat, cheese