Skala Hydration Kit Vitamin Avocado + Shampoo + Conditioner

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Skala Hydration Kit Vitamin Avocado

Mask 1Kg

Shampoo 325 ml

Conditioner 325ml

100% vegan skala kit

The range of Skala Expert Avocado vitamin pumps, enriched with vitamin A and D’Panthenol, helps hair growth with a special touch, avocado. Your hair stronger, hydrated and without armed effect, everything you need to rock.

Get ready for the compliments, we recommend using and abusing this line! Avoids growth

Avocado: Rich in vitamin A and fatty acids, provides softness, hydration and antioxidant effect.

Aloe Vera: Nutrition and hydration. Castor oil: Strengthens and helps fight against hair loss by breaking the threads

D-Panthenol: Strength and hydration. Ideal for hair: Dry and armed hair.