Chamomile tea – “Barão”

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Chamomile flavor tea 10 Sachets 10g Baron

Dry chamomile tea has relaxing and mildly sedating properties that help treat insomnia, relax, and treat anxiety and nervousness. In addition, this tea can also help reduce cramps and spasms during menstruation.

Barão Chamomile surprises with its benefits: in addition to ornamental, it produces an excellent tea and has properties that help soften the skin and beautify the hair. It is one of the oldest herbs that mankind has ever used, the intense aroma sparked interest in the plant and ancient researchers, drawn to the sweet scent, ended up discovering many of the properties that l ‘have made it so famous!

NUTRITION: 200 ml * (1 cup of tea); It does not contain a significant amount of energy and carbohydrate, protein, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, dietary fiber, and sodium. * Quantity of tea prepared with a sachet.

Box with 10 sachets. NO ADDED SUGAR

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Brand Baron

Chamomile flavor